CZone Meter Interface (MI) # De parte 80-911-0005-00


CZone Meter Interface (MI) 80-911-0005-00

The Meter Interface (MI) accepts inputs from external AC and DC power metering sensors such as: AC and DC voltage and amps, AC kWatts, and DC battery capacity in amp hours and percent remaining. All with user definable high and low alarms.

  • AC: 3 x AC voltage inputs (multi voltage), 2 x AC current inputs, Calculates true RMS power
  • DC: 3 x DC voltage inputs (multi voltage), 2 x DC current inputs, Calculates battery capacity as ampere hours and percentage charge remaining, Resolution for current metering down to 0.1 A
  • General: Dimensions, WxHxD: 6-3/32"x3-29/32"x1-5/8" 156x100x42 mm, IPX5 water ingress protection, Outputs standard NMEA2000 power monitoring sentences