Smart Vehicle

One Touch. Full Control.

The Allisee Supremacy is a motorhome from New Zealand based Allisee Motorhomes. The CZone system is organised into various modes designed to provide one–touch ambient adjustment for the occupant.

For example, select ‘Night Entertainment’ mode and the system puts the cabin lights on, pushes power to the TV and switches both water pump and gas on. Conversely ‘Driving’ mode turns the house lights and the water pump off. There is even a ‘Night out and about’  mode which turns off all the recessed LED lighting inside, but leaves the awning lights on for your arrival home. 

The system can be controlled through the CZone app on an iPad and works off the motorhome’s wifi system. The occupant can also check on battery charge levels and water tank status in real time through the same iPad interface, meaning CZone can become a full vehicle diagnostics system

“The Allisee Supremacy also features an impressive central control system which is more comprehensive than anything I’ve seen so far in a NewZealand–manufactured vehicle.” — Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations magazine

Simplify control and monitoring of your RV’s complex electrical systems with CZone!