CZone AC Mains Interface (ACMI) 230V Part # 80-911-0068-00


CZone AC Mains Interface (ACMI) 230V 80-911-0068-00

A sophisticated source selector or transfer switch, the ACMI enables the user to specify which AC power source is actively supplying power to the boat (generator, inverter, shorepower). It was developed for use with the CZone digital control system, but may also be used as a stand-alone device. The ACMI can be programmed to automatically change the supply source when the current rating is exceeded, and includes a manual bypass and user-friendly display screen that ensures easy current, voltage, frequency, and power monitoring.

  • Six monitored, over-current protected main power inputs up to 100 Amps each
  • Two outputs allow for two separate load groups with a parallel option for use with a single source
  • Reverse polarity and fault alarms, auto disconnects and lockouts
  • Physical and software lockouts between source controls
  • Supports multiple pole designs (Single, double, triple, etc.)
  • Load shedding ability
  • 110 Volt AC, 240 Volt AC, 110/220 Volt AC, 50Hz or 60Hz models