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17th January 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest 720 motorised battery master switch. The 720-MDO (Version 8) is now available for shipping, and replaces the previous model 720-MDO.
Note the same part number is used for both versions.

Functionality of the latest version is near identical to that of the previous 720-MDO, however additional advanced wiring options are now possible, and installation has been simplified for standard systems by minimizing the number of connections required.

The 720-MDO Version 8 offers new installation options, whereby the motor/circuit board can be fed from either one, or two fully independent 12V or 24V supplies so the battery switch contacts are completely isolated, and can:
• Control higher voltage circuits e.g. 32 or 48 volt circuits
• Control negative cables in circuits (e.g. full remote isolation in metal hulled craft)
• Ensure engine electronic are fully isolated from all other circuits
• Still be operated in case of a flat battery  

The 720-MDO Version 8 can be identified by its 7 core control cable. As well as the standard three cores terminated in the Wago plug (green, black and red), this has power supply wires from the Input stud (Brown core), Output stud (Blue core), and to the Printed Circuit Board/Motor supply (Orange and White cores). The additional four cores are pre-configured to save time on standard installations, but are easily accessed for advanced installations.

The 720-MDO features digital circuitry and optical sensor positioning that automatically adjusts for either 12V or 24V input, and offers convenient remotely activated battery switching, combined with low power consumption. Designed and constructed for longevity in the marine environment with tinned copper conductors, stainless steel nuts, and high temperature, fibre reinforced plastics. The units are ignition protected, provide On/Off switching operation, and may be recessed or surface mounted.  


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