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710-300A - Voltage Sensitive Relay

1. Q. Why does my VSR not engage?
A. Can occur for the following reasons;

  • Voltage is not over 13.7 volts
  • Manual override lever is not in Auto mode.
  • Plug does not have a good connection.
  • Screened and green wire are not connected together.

2. Q. Does it matter which way cables are connected from batteries?
A. No, unit is dual sense.

3. Q. What does the LED indicate?
A. Following are the various states of the LED and what is being indicated.

  • LED on constantly, VSR is engaged
  • LED off, VSR is disengaged.
  • LED flashing, emergency parallel function engaged by remote switch.

4. Q. How long will the Emergency Parallel stay engaged.
A. If after10 minutes the voltage is above 13.7 volts it will stay engaged. If below it will disengage.

5. Q. How do I disable the voltage sensitive function and use as a remotely operated Emergency Parallel switch only?
A. Separate screened and green wire.

6. Q. If I have no remote parallel switch fitted which wires do I connect?

A. Black wire to the negative and ignore the other wires.

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