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Motorized Battery Switch-701 & 720-MD

Q. What is the purpose of the motorized battery switch.
A. The Motorized Battery Switch switching mechanism is motorized and can be actuated remotely. This means the battery switch can be mounted as close as possible to the battery bank thereby reducing very long runs of battery cable. The end result is savings on weight and cost.

Q. What voltage will the 701-MD and 720-MD operate on.
A. The 701-MD and 720-MD will operate between 9.5 and 32 volts dc.

Q. What current will the 701_MD and 720 MD draw.
A. 12 ma switch off, 15ma switch on and 120ma for 3 sec’s while switch is operating.

Q. Can the 701-MD and 720-MD be manually overridden?
A. Yes, by pushing the knob to disengage drive gear and rotating clockwise and anti clockwise.

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