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Ultrasonic Tank Sender-TS1

1. Q. Why is my tank gauge reading full all the time?
A. This can occur for one of the following reasons;

  • If a nitrile gasket has been used, please change to our latest cork/nitrile gasket.
  • Check mounting of sender to ensure protrusion into tank is not touching tank. This can happen if hole is not cut large enough.

2. Q. Why is my tank reading empty when full and full when empty?
A. This can happen when your sender is not set up for the correct gauge. ( eg. 10-180 ohm setting will make a Teleflex or Faria gauge read opposite. 240-33 ohm will make a VDO gauge read opposite).

3. Q. I am not sure what my TS1 sender is programmed to?
A. Connect to TS1 programming kit and click read device button, this will give full info on the sender attached.

4. Q. Can my sender be reprogrammed?
A. Yes, using TS1 programming kit.

5. Q. What are maximum and minimum tank depths?
A. The TS1 will work to a maximum tank depth of 2000mm and to a minimum tank depth of 300mm

6. Q. Will the TS1 work on 12 or 24 volt?
A. Yes, the TS1 will work on either 12 or 24 volt.

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